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On July 5th of 1968, Richard Campbell was born in Los Angeles, California. After only a year, upon discovering that there are no significant changes in the weather in that region, he insisted upon moving east. His family then brought him to Cooperstown, New York (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame) which ensured his repugnance for sports. Richard preferred to create comic books, spent most of his energy in his art classes (the rest in the company of friends that his mother undoubtedly disapproved of) and dreamed of being a film maker.

In 1986, Richard had the opportunity of turning down a scholarship to Munson-William-Proctor Arts Institute. He had won first place in the Otsego County Art Competition. It is unclear whether it was the laboriously long name of the institution that repulsed Richard from accepting the scholarship or if it was the fear that such an exciting and dangerous town as Utica, New York would distract him from his studies. He chose, instead, to go to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Richard would learn many things during his stay in Philadelphia; most importantly, the incredible expense of making films.

Abandoning filmmaking in 1995, Campbell returned to painting. After experimenting with
compositions combining abstract expressionism and surrealism, he began to develop a distinct style. In 1998 he moved to Paris with his wife, poet Kristan Campbell, where he acquired a residency at the Muse-Atelier Adzak. It was here, under the strange eye of it's eccentric proprietor, Margaret Crowther and the ever present and watchful ghost of founder Roy Adzak, that Campbell's style came to maturity.

Upon his return to the States in '99, he settled in NYC. Here the work took on a new dimension involving a complex layering of collage and oil.  Simultaneously, Campbell began developing the earlier gouache and varnish style of Paris into a series of satirical holiday greeting cards.

Currently he has expanded his repertoire and is now including holidays not previously explored (namely, Valentine's day for the moment) and hopes to include personalized birthday cards made to order.